First Ever International Football Fixture

30th of November 1872, West of Scotland Cricket Club at Hamilton Crescent in Partick Scotland. The primary ever official affiliation football global match would be played among Scotland and England.

Amazingly every one of the eleven Scottish players were chosen from Queens Park FC, the top Scottish club of this time. Sovereigns are as yet playing in the Scottish Third Division right up ’til the present time and are the lone beginner club in the Scottish association. The England side comprised of players from nine distinct clubs with three of those addressing Oxford University.

Paying an extra charge of a peddling, the group totalled 4,000 yet they needed to sit tight as the opening shot for this anxiously anticipated challenge was postponed by twenty minutes because of haze. The Scots fixed up in dim blue pullovers with the thorn weaved with the English group in white shirts with the three lions on their chests.

The pitch wasn’t the awesome to the weighty precipitation that had dropped on Glasgow for the past three days yet nothing could stop the eager group that joined in.

Reports from the game show Scotland had the edge with prevalent running and spilling abilities as was required because of the Scots eleven all playing for a similar club side. Players of this time predominately spilled with the ball as there was no notice of any passing moves in any reports of the game. In spite of the fact that Scotland had an objective prohibited in the principal a large portion of, the umpire expressing the ball had gone over the tape which was utilized before crossbars were gotten, the game finished in a nil – nil impasse.

This was the beginning of an extraordinary football competition between the two nations which has seen them play multiple times with England winning multiple times, Scotland dominating 41 games with 24 draws.


SCOTLAND: all Queens Park

1 Robert W Gardner captain

2 William Ker

3 Joseph Taylor

4 James Thomson

5 James Smith

6 Robert Smith

7 Robert Leckie

8 Alexander Rhind

9 Billy MacKinnon

10 Jimmy Weir

11 David Wotherspoon


1 Robert Barker (Hertfordshire Rangers)

2 Ernest Greenhalgh (Notts County)

3 Reginald de Courtenay Welch (Harrow Chequers)

4 Frederick Chappell (Oxford University)

5 William Maynard (1st Surrey Rifles)

6 John Brockbank (Cambridge University)

7 Charles Clegg (Sheffield Wednesday)

8 Arnold Kirke-Smith (Oxford University)

9 Cuthbert Ottaway (Oxford University) (c)

10 Charles Chenery (Crystal Palace)

11 Charles Morice (Barnes)

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